At Trevity, we strive on having a culture and benefits that pulls you in and gives you a reason to stay while helping meet your personal and professional goals. Our benefits package is highly competitive, comprehensive, and flexible to meet the demands of a diverse population.

Let the force of Trevity fuel your innovation. Join us in making a difference in the world. Help us in providing excellent service as we also strive to provide you with the tools, culture, and benefits to succeed.

Employee Benefits

Don’t want to exhaust your PTO? Trevity offers a time bank system, allowing employees to work ahead and use their hours at a later date, rather than burning PTO.

Having a plan and setting aside the money you need to achieve that plan during  while working  can help you build toward a comfortable retirement. That  is why we offer a 10% 401k match to ensure you get to your retirement goals sooner.

Trevity covers 100% of health, dental, and vision premiums for our employees and their families. We want employees to remain mission-focused while on the job, and not worry about their health or the health of their loved ones.
Whether in-house or from an accredited source, Trevity believes that every employee should be able to grow within their field. For that reason, Trevity provides opportunities to expand your career by assisting financially in covering courses, classes, or certifications that align with your goals and the work we do.
Excellent work should always be rewarded. We understand that without the work of our employees, Trevity wouldn’t exist. Therefore, we provide our employees with performance bonuses, quarterly events, annual events, and more!
A healthy balance of mind and body is essential to life. Trevity understands that having a healthy lifestyle directly correlates to an employee’s performance on the job. Which is why we reimburse our employees’ choice of active lifestyle membership up to $40.